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Vol. 19 (2003), No. 2,
Summable almost stability of fixed point iteration procedures
Author: Vasile Berinde
Abstract: A finer concept of almost stability for fixed point iteration procedures is introduced and studied. We show that Picard, Kirk’s, Mann and Ishikawa iteration procedures, which are known to be almost stable and stable with respect to some classes of contractive operators, are also summably almost stable.
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Distributive Noncommutative Lattices
Author: Gratiela Laslo
Abstract: In this paper we will continue the study of distributive noncommutative lattices from [2] and [3] by considering the connection between normality and distributivity estabilished by J. Leech (Theorem 2.8,[4]) and some earlier results about distributive qvasilattices given by M.D. Gerhardts in [1].
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On the p-defects of character degrees of finite groups of Lie type
Author: Meinolf Geck
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the representation theory of finite groups. According to Robinson, the truth of certain variants of Alperin’s weight conjecture on the p-blocks of a finite group would imply some arithmetical conditions on the degrees of the irreducible (complex) characters of that group. The purpose of this note is to prove directly that one of these arithmetical conditions is true in the case where we consider a finite group of Lie type in good characteristic.
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A class of bounded functions
Author: Gheorghe Miclăuș
Abstract: In this note we show that the Libera generalized integral operator trans- forms the class of convex functions and the class of functions subordinate to convex functions into the class of bounded functions.
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About some inequalities
Author: Ovidiu T. Pop
Abstract: In this article we prove some inequalities of Simpson’s type and we present some applications.
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A rheonomic gauge theory
Author: Adrian Sandovici
Abstract: In the paper we shall consider the manifold E=RxTM fibred over RxM and we shall define the rheonomic gauge transformations, the rheonomic gauge non-linear connections and the rheonomic gauge M-linear connections. Next, we shall study the global and local invariance of rheonomic gauge Lagrangians generalizing the main results from [5] and [7]. Moreover, we shall study the rheonomic strength fields and Lagrangians for rheonomic gauge fields. In Lagrange manner we shall determine the equations of motion and conservation laws for the rheonomic full Lagrangians.
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The virtual shape of a spherical body moving along Ox – axis with a radial velocity V
Author: Istvan Huba Attila Sass
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On the mean square error of the bivariate operator of Stancu type
Author: Ioana Tașcu / Ioana Zelina
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Semilinear operator equations in real Hilbert spaces with Lipschitz nonlinearity
Author: Dinu Teodorescu
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On the stability of Picard and Mann iteration processes
Author: Christopher O. Imoru / Memudu O. Olatinwo
Abstract: In this paper, we establish some stability results for the Picard and Mann iteration processes considered in metric and normed linear spaces respectively. We employ the same method as in Berinde [1], but using a more general contractive definition than those in Berinde [1], Rhoades [7], Harder and Hicks [4], and Osilike [8].
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Y.L. Nosenko (1941 - 2003)
Author: Vasile Berinde
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