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Vol. 25 (2009), No. 1, 15 April 2009
Fixed points for weakly compatible mappings satisfying an implicit relation in partially ordered metric spaces
Author: I. Beg / A. R. Butt
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Approximating common fixed points of noncommuting discontinuous weakly contractive mappings in metric spaces
Author: Vasile Berinde
Abstract: In this paper we prove the existence of coincidence points and common fixed points for a large class of noncommuting discontinuous contractive type mappings in metric spaces. Moreover, a method for approximating the coincidence points and common fixed points is also constructed, for which both a priori and a posteriori error estimates are obtained. These results generalize, extend and unify several well-known recent related results in literature.
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Products of hypergroupoids associated to binary relations
Author: S. Breaz / C. Pelea / I. Purdea
Abstract: We study closure properties with respect to products for hypergroupoids, semihypergroups and hypergroups associated to binary relations. Using some basic category theory tools, from a certain point, the investigation turns into studying closure properties with respect to direct products for some classes of monounary multialgebras.
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Algorithms to determine the point of minimum of a real unimodal function on a set - a survey
Author: Ioana Chiorean / Liana Lupsa
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Differential subordinations and superordinations for analytic functions defined by an integral operator
Author: Luminița-Ioana Cotârlă
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Diamond-α tangent lines of time scales parametrized regular curves
Author: C. Dinu
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Oscillation theorems for non-linear difference equation of the second order
Author: E. M. Elabbasy / Sh. R. Elzeiny
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Approximate solutions of boundary value problems for ODEs using Newton interpolating series
Author: Gh. Groza / S. M. Ali Khan / N. Pop
Abstract: The paper deals with the study of approximate solutions, which are entire functions, of multipoint boundary value problems for differential equations. The solutions are represented as Newton interpolating series.
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Nonlinear multigrid methods for solving Richards' equation in two space dimensions
Author: Gh. Juncu / A. Nicola / T. Udrescu
Abstract: We propose in this paper a nonlinear multigrid algorithm of Full Approximation Storage (MG-FAS) for efficient numerical solution of two dimensional Richards' equation modelling water infiltration into an isotropic, homogeneous, unsaturated porous medium. Comparisons with the nonlinear Alternating Line Gauss-Seidel iterations (ALGS) ilustrate the much better behaviour of our solver.
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Statistical tests for linear and nonlinear dependence and long-memory in Romanian stocks market
Author: Dorina Lazar / Andrada Filip / Andrea Naghi
Abstract: In this paper various statistical tests are used to identify certain linear and/or nonlinear dependencies, respectively a long memory behavior in Romanian stocks returns.
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A survey of different integer programming formulations of the generalized minimum spanning tree problem
Author: P. C. Pop
Abstract: In this survey paper, we discuss the development of the Generalized Minimum Spanning Tree Problem, denoted by GMSTP, and we focus on the integer programming formulations of the problem. The GMSTP is a variant of the classical minimum spanning tree problem (MST), in which the nodes of an undirected graph are partitioned into node sets (clusters) and we are looking for a minimum cost tree spanning a subset of nodes which includes exactly one node from every cluster. In this paper we describe twelve distinct formulations of the GMSTP based on integer programming. Apart from the standard formulations all the new formulations that we describe are 'compact' in the sense that the number of constraints and variables is a polynomial function of the number of nodes in the problem. Comparisons of the polytopes corresponding to their linear relaxations are established.
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Counting maximal chains of subgroups of finite nilpotent groups
Author: Mirela Stefănescu / M. Tărnăuceanu
Abstract: The main goal of our paper is to determine the total number of maximal chains of subgroups in a finite nilpotent group. This counting problem is reduced to finite $p$-groups. Explicit formulas are obtained in some particular cases.
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Some characterizations of submaximality
Author: S. Tokgoz / T. Hatice Yalvac
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