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Vol. 27 (2011), No. 2, 15 September 2011
Admissible topologies on endomorphism rings
Author: Horea F. Abrudan
Abstract: We study in this paper admissible topologies on the endomorphism rings of Abelian groups. Various examples of admissible (non-admissible) topologies are given.
No. of downloads: 282
Computing Zagreb, Hyper-Wiener and Degree-Distance indices of four new sums of graphs
Author: A. R. Ashrafi / A. Hamzeh / S. Hossein-Zadeh
Abstract: Eliasi and Taeri [M. Eliasi and B. Taeri, Four new sums of graphs and their Wiener indices, Discrete Appl. Math., {\bf 157} (2009), 794-803] presented four new sums and computed their Wiener index. In this paper, we continue this work to compute the Zagreb, Hyper-Wiener and Degree-Distance Indices of these graph operations. Some applications are also presented.
No. of downloads: 222
Positive solutions of functional-differential systems via the vector version of Krasnoselskii's fixed point theorem in cones
Author: Sorin Budișan / Radu Precup
No. of downloads: 197
Existence and uniqueness for a quasilinear elliptic problem with nonlinear Robin conditions
Author: Bituin Cabarrubias / Patrizia Donato
Abstract: This paper deals with an existence and uniqueness result of a weak solution for a quasilinear elliptic boundary value problem in a domain whose boundary is the union of two disjoint closed surfaces. On the interior boundary we prescribe a nonlinear Robin condition with suitable growth assumptions, and on the exterior boundary, a Dirichlet condition. The main difficulty when proving the existence of a solution is due to the nonlinear boundary condition, since, in order to apply a fixed point theorem, we need to prove the weak continuity of the associated boundary operator. To this aim, we first study several properties of this operator.
No. of downloads: 258
Sharp form of inequality for the constant e
Author: Chao-Ping Chen / Cristinel Mortici
No. of downloads: 231
Conditions under which a lattice is isomorphic to the subgroup lattice of an abelian group
Author: Carolina Conțiu
Abstract: In this paper, we provide necessary and sufficient conditions under which a lattice is isomorphic to the subgroup lattice of an arbitrary abelian group. We also give necessary and sufficient conditions for a lattice L, to be isomorphic to the normal subgroup lattice of an arbitrary group.
No. of downloads: 177
Pseudoparabolic inequalities
Author: Cecilia Crăciun / N. Lungu
Abstract: In this paper we apply the Picard operators technique to a pseudoparabolic inequality. We establish existence and uniqueness of the solution to the corresponding Darboux problem, and derive Gronwall-type results for the solution to the pseudoparabolic inequality. We use the Riemann function to represent the solution x^* of some particular pseudoparabolic equations
No. of downloads: 160
Integro-differential equation with two times modifications
Author: Veronica-Ana Ilea / Diana Otrocol
Abstract: We consider an integro-differential equation with two times modifications. Existence, uniqueness and monotony results of solution for the Cauchy problem are obtained using weakly Picard operator theory. In the last section we present a step method for this type of equation
No. of downloads: 175
Values and bounds for the Stanley depth
Author: Muhammad Ishaq
No. of downloads: 182
Applications to discrete Morse theory: The collapsibility of CAT(0) cubical complexes of dimension 2 and 3
Author: Ioana-Claudia Lazăr
Abstract: We investigate, using discrete Morse theory, the collapsibility of finite cubical complexes of dimension 2 and 3. Our main result states that any finite cubical complex of dimension 3 or less endowed with the standard piecewise Euclidean metric that is non-positively curved, and that satisfies the property that every 2-cell is the face of at most two $3$-cells in the complex, collapses to a point.
No. of downloads: 177
The existence of three positive solutions to integral type BVPs for singular second ODEs with one-dimensional p-Laplacian
Author: Yuji Liu
No. of downloads: 175
Existence, uniqueness and convergence of approximate solutions of nonlocal functional differential equations
Author: M. Muslim / R. P. Agarwal
Abstract: In this paper, we study a class of nonlocal abstract functional differential equations in a separable Hilbert space H. Using the theory of analytic semigroups we establish the existence, uniqueness and convergence of approximate solutions. We also give some examples to illustrate the applications of the abstract results.
No. of downloads: 180
A note on metric nonlinear connections on the cotangent bundle
Author: Liviu Popescu / Radu Criveanu
Abstract: In the present paper we continue the investigation of nonlinear connections started in [16]. The problem of metrizability of the nonlinear connection on the cotangent bundle is studied. Using the dynamical covariant derivative induced by a regular vector field, we find the coefficients of a metric nonlinear connection. For the particular case of a Hamiltonian space we prove that the canonical nonlinear connection is a unique metric and symmetric nonlinear connection.
No. of downloads: 246
On the uniform boundedness of solutions of Lienard type equations with multiple deviating arguments
Author: Cemil Tunc
Abstract: This paper considers a Lienard type equation with multiple variable deviating arguments. We find some sufficient conditions for the solution of this equation to be uniform bounded by utilizing Lyapunov functional approach. An example is also given to show the effectiveness of our result.
No. of downloads: 215

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