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Vol. 29 (2013), No. 2, 15 September 2013
Solving delay differential equations by successive interpolations
Author: Alexandru Mihai Bica
Abstract: In this paper we construct the new method of successive interpolations for functional differential equations using the interpolation procedure of cubic splines generated by initial conditions. The convergence and the numerical stability of the method are proved and tested on some numerical examples.
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Explicit integral representations of implicit functions
Author: L. P. Castro / K. Murata / S. Saitoh / M. Yamada
Abstract: The main goal of the paper is to obtain explicit integral representations of implicit functions whose existence is guaranteed by the implicit function theory. We derive the mentioned representation formulas of inverse functions within a very general framework on general domains in several dimensions.
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Oscillatory and periodic solutions in alternately advanced and delayed differential equations
Author: Kuo-Shou Chiu / Manuel Pinto
Abstract: We examine scalar differential equations with a general piecewise constant argument (DEPCAG). It is shown that the argument deviation generates, under certain conditions, oscillations of the solutions, which is an impossible phenomenon for the corresponding equation without the argument deviations. Criteria for existence of periodic solutions of such equations are discussed.
No. of downloads: 201
Approximate multi-Jensen and multi-quadratic mappings in 2-Banach spaces
Author: Krzysztof Cieplinski / Tian Zhou Xu
Abstract: In this paper we prove the generalized Hyers-Ulam stability of multi-Jensen and multi-quadratic mappings in 2-Banach spaces. The corollaries from our main results correct some outcomes from [Park, W.-G., Approximate additive mappings in 2-Banach spaces and related topics, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 376 (2011) 193--202].
No. of downloads: 176
The Picard-Lindelof's theorem at a regular singular point
Author: Chelo Ferreira / Jose L. Lopez / Ester Perez Sinusia
No. of downloads: 153
Fixed point theorems for cyclic weak contractions in partially ordered sets endowed with a complete metric
Author: J. Harjani / F. Sabetghadam / K. Sadarangani
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present some fixed point results for cyclic weak contractions in partially ordered sets endowed with a complete metric. Acknowledgements. Research partially supported by "Ministerio de Educacion y Ciencia”", Project MTM 2007/65706.
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Non-existence of ground states for a semilinear elliptic system of Lane-Emden-Fowler type
Author: Miodrag Iovanov
Abstract: We obtain sufficient conditions for the non-existence of positive radially symmetric solutions for a class of Lane, Emden and Fowler elliptic systems. In our result, the nonlinear term it was suggested by the work of [D. O'Regan and H. Wang, Positive radial solutions for p-Laplacian systems, Aequationes Math., 75 (2008) 43--50].
No. of downloads: 181
On the existence of normal complement to the Sylow subgroups of some infinite groups
Author: Leonid A. Kurdachenko / Javier Otal
No. of downloads: 170
Solvability of a second-order differential equation with integral boundary condition at resonance on an unbounded domain
Author: Xiaojie Lin / Zengji Du / Qin Zhang
Abstract: This paper deals with the solvability of two class of second-order integral boundary value problems at resonance on a half-line. Both of the boundary value conditions are responsible for resonance. By using the coincidence degree theory, we establish a new general existence result.
No. of downloads: 147
Fisher information exponential dispersion family and applications
Author: Ion Mihoc / Cristina Ioana Fătu
Abstract: In this article we discuss some aspects of the Fisher information, under certain regularity conditions, then we have in view a very important exponential family, namely, the exponential dispersion family. Also, we study some implications of this last family in the case of the univaried generalized linear models.
No. of downloads: 182
Liouville type theorems on Z2 and Z1
Author: Nikolai Nikolov / Svilena Hristova
No. of downloads: 166
On some fixed point theorems for implicit almost contractive mappings
Author: Valeriu Popa
Abstract: In this paper a general fixed point theorem for pairs of general almost contractive mappings satisfying an implicit relation is proved. In the last part of the paper is proved that the fixed point problem for these pairs of mappings is well posed.
No. of downloads: 207
On a heat kernel for the index Whittaker transform
Author: M. M. Rodrigues / S. Yakubovich
Abstract: We introduce a notion of the heat kernel associated with the index Whittaker transform. We study its differential and mapping properties and a relationship with a family of the corresponding Weierstrass's type transforms.
No. of downloads: 156
Basic problems of the metric fixed point theory and the relevance of a metric fixed point theorem
Author: Ioan A. Rus / Marcel-Adrian Åžerban
Abstract: In this paper we present some basic problems of the metric fixed point theory (existence, uniqueness, set-theoretic aspects (Bessaga, Janos, Rus, ...), order-theoretic aspects (Ekeland, Bronsted, Caristi, Kirk, Jachymski, ...), convergence of the succesive approximations, data dependence (general estimation, Ulam problem, dependence on the parameters, ...), well-posedness of the fixed point problem, limit shadowing property, stability, Gronwall lemmas, comparison lemmas, retractibility, ...). Following [I. A. Rus, The theory of a metrical fixed point theorem: theoretical and applicative relevances, Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2008), No. 2, 541--559] we define the relevance of a metrical fixed point theorem by the impact of the theorem on these basic problems. Some case studies are presented.
No. of downloads: 204
On nonuniform exponential stability for skew-evolution semiflows in Banach spaces
Author: Codruța Stoica / Mihail Megan
Abstract: The paper considers some concepts of nonuniform asymptotic stability for skew-evolution semiflows in Banach spaces, which we have introduced in [Megan, M. and Stoica, C., Exponential instability of skew-evolution semiflows in Banach spaces, Stud. Univ. Babes-Bolyai Math., LIII (2008), No. 1, 17--24] and for which we present equivalent definitions, as well as integral characterizations in a nonuniform setting. Some examples are included to illustrate the results and to clarify the differences between the uniform and nonuniform cases.
No. of downloads: 193
Notes on topological rings
Author: Mihail Ursul / Martin Juras
No. of downloads: 185
Book Review: Integrability of Cubic Systems with Invariant Straight Lines and Invariant Conics, by D. Cozma, Editura Ştiinţa, Chişinău, 2013, 240 pages, ISBN 978-9975-67-906-0
Author: Mitrofan Choban / Alexandru Șubă
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