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Vol. 30 (2014), No. 1, 15 March 2014
Oscillation of second-order differential equations with a sublinear neutral term
Author: Ravi P. Agarwal / Martin Bohner / Tongxing Li / Chenghui Zhang
Abstract: This paper is concerned with oscillation of a certain class of second-order differential equations with a sublinear neutral term. Two oscillation criteria and two illustrative examples are included. In particular, the results obtained improve those reported in the literature.
No. of downloads: 409
Fixed points of non-self almost contractions
Author: Maryam A. Alghamdi / Vasile Berinde / Naseer Shahzad
No. of downloads: 386
Solution existence of general variational inequalities and coincidence points
Author: Alireza Amini-Harandi / Szilard Laszlo
Abstract: In this paper, by using a simple technique, we obtain several existence results of the solutions for general variational inequalities of Stampacchia type. We also show, that the existence of a coincidence point of two mappings is equivalent to the existence of the solution of a particular general variational inequality of Stampacchia type. As applications several coincidence and fixed point results are obtained.
No. of downloads: 315
A new way to derive the Rodrigues formula for the Lorentz group
Author: Dorin Andrica / Ramona-Andreea Rohan
No. of downloads: 223
Separation problem for the Grushin differential operator in Banach spaces
Author: H. A. Atia
No. of downloads: 203
Quasi-Hadamard product of some uniformly analytic and p-valent functions with negative coefficients
Author: Nicoleta Breaz / Rabha M. El-Ashwah
Abstract: In this paper we study the quasi-Hadamard product between some p-valent and uniformly analytic functions with negative coefficients defined in connection with uniformly starlikeness and uniformly convexity.
No. of downloads: 223
Note on stability of the Cauchy equation -- an answer to a problem of Th. M. Rassias
Author: Janusz Brzdek
Abstract: We give an answer to a problem formulated by Th. M. Rassias in 1991 concerning stability of the Cauchy equation; we also disprove a conjecture of Th. M. Rassias and J. Tabor. In particular, we present a new method for proving stability results for functional equations.
No. of downloads: 210
On a generalization of the Levin-May Theorem
Author: Jan Cermak / Jiri Jansky
No. of downloads: 179
A fixed point theorem for a Ciric-Berinde type mapping in orbitally complete metric spaces
Author: Seong-Hoon Cho
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce the notion of Ciric-Berinde type almost set-valued contraction mappings and give a fixed point theorem for these mappings in orbitally complete metric spaces.
No. of downloads: 260 Full access PDF |
Superadditivity and subadditivity of some functionals with applications to inequalities
Author: S. S. Dragomir
Abstract: The superadditivity and subadditivity properties of certain composite functionals are investigated. Applications in refining Jensen's, Holder's, Minkowski's and Schwarz's inequalities are given.
No. of downloads: 193
Distribution of some quadratic linear recurrence sequences modulo 1
Author: Arturas Dubickas
No. of downloads: 172
On approximate Cobb-Douglas production functions
Author: Maria Ilca / Dorian Popa
Abstract: We introduce a new type of production function, called approximate Cobb-Douglas function, by a perturbation of Euler's partial differential equation characterizing homogeneous function. We show that for every approximate Cobb-Douglas function, there exist an exact Cobb-Douglas function near it.
No. of downloads: 178
A third-order multi-point boundary value problem at resonance with one three dimensional kernel space
Author: Xiaojie Lin / Bensheng Zhao / Zengji Du
Abstract: This paper deals with a third order nonlinear differential equations with multi-point boundary conditions. By using the coincidence degree theory, we establish some existence results of the problem at resonance under some appropriate conditions. The emphasis here is that the dimension of the linear operator is equal to three. We also give an example to demonstrate our results.
No. of downloads: 198
Vector variational-like inequalities and vector optimization problems
Author: Mihaela Miholca
Abstract: In this paper, we present the concept of generalized invexity for vector-valued functions. Also, we consider different kinds of generalized vector variational-like inequality and a vector optimization problem. Some relations between vector variational-like inequalities and a vector optimization problem are established by using the properties of Mordukhovich limiting subdifferential.
No. of downloads: 177
On some combinatorial aspects of transposition n-ary hypergroups
Author: S. Mirvakili / B. Davvaz
Abstract: The aim of this research work is to define and characterize a new class of algebraic hyperstructures that we call weak transposition n-ary hypergroups. They are a generalization of transposition hypergroups, n-ary polygroups and join $n$-spaces. A subclass of weak transposition n-ary hypergroups is studied. Also, we prove that the class of weak transposition n-ary hypergroups with a unique scalar identity and the class of n-ary polygroups coincide.
No. of downloads: 195
The least r-concave majorant of the continuity modulus omega_r
Author: Maria Talpău Dimitriu
No. of downloads: 183
Control of systems with Holder continuous functions in the distributed delays
Author: Nasser-Eddine Tatar
No. of downloads: 247

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